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This year we are exhibiting our yarn (and bunnies, weather permitting) at local Houlton, Maine shows and markets.  In February we had our first showing at the Houlton Recreation 1st Annual Winter Craft Fair.  It went well, with HS kids helping with setup and  teardown.  In April we did the Chamber of Commerce sponsored annual Trade Show and had Abi on display.  She did fine, and a bunny sure brings in the kids AND adults!

Since June, we have been doing the Farmers Market in Historic Downtown Market Square on Saturdays.  One of those Saturdays was set aside as a Craft Fair in Monument Park.  Lots of vendors and lots of fun.  We had Ruth and two of her kits on display, and again it was a great draw.  Lots of folks commented on our yarn, especially the colors.  We answered lots of questions and got suggestions for other craft fairs and venues we could use to exhibit/sell our yarn.  There will be another Craft Fair in the Park on August 17th.  Come see us if you are in northern Maine!  Finally, the annual Riverfront Harvest Fair is coming up in September.  If you can’t make these two Fairs this year, put Houlton on your vacation calendar for 2014.

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