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One of the kits hours before first shearing.

The past two days we sheared six adults and one kit!  Quite a marathon.

One kit is almost finished.

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Every three to four months each rabbit is sheared. Here are pictures of Dinah before and after shearing. Look how small she looks after.

german french angora rabbit before shearing agouti



sheared german french angora bunny



Home to Gabe, Leah, Ellie, Nathaniel, Abi, Ruth, Samuel . . .

We offer angora rabbit fiber companions and breeding stock. The rabbits here at Keiser Angoras enjoy daily personal attention and exercise, and are well-accustomed to visitors. Our angoras are bred for quality of fiber and easy care personality. We have both German angoras and German/French crosses.

german angora rabbit with chew toy

Gabe with a favorite toy

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