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Home to Gabe, Leah, Ellie, Nathaniel, Abi, Ruth, Samuel . . .

We offer fiber companions and breeding stock. The rabbits at Keiser Angoras enjoy daily personal attention and exercise, and are well-accustomed to visitors. Our angoras are bred for quality of fiber and easy care personality. We have both German angoras and German/French crosses.

Don and Kathy Keiser
217 Hovey Road
Houlton ME 04730


Member, Intl Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders

Member, Maine Angora Producers

100% pure German Angora rabbit

Nathaniel, one of our best sires

german french agouti angora bunny grooming

Leah sitting patiently for grooming

german french angora rabbit babies kits black agouti

silly bunny babies