Available Kits

In May, Ruth had a litter of German angoras. We still have ONE of her kits available now. Either Joanna or Susanna is ready for a new home immediately.  See pics.


Susanna didn’t want to pose.



One of Ruth’s kits. A bit shy.

















In July Dinah, one of our German-French crosses, had a litter of four. Of these kits, at least ONE is gong to be available.

Black, white, black, white…

Black, white, black, white…




Kits all in a row.

August 11, 2012: dam – Abi, sire – Samuel

Abi and Samuel produced another great litter of 100% German angora kits in May, and 4 are available to go to new homes, whether to breeders or those seeking a “fiber pet.”


October 25, 2011: dam- Abi,  sire – Samuel

3 still available for adoption – please contact for pricing

pure German angora kits

100% german angora rabbit baby kits white

Abi and Sam’s kits, born 10/25/11