Adult Rabbits

Gabriel (Gabe)

German/French cross angora rabbit

Gabe relaxing in the exercise pen

Gabe was our first angora bunny, a cross of German and French but with the classic German white fiber and red eyes. We purchased him in November 2009 when he was six months old and he has been our “teacher.” Gabe taught us a lot about caring for angoras. Once he got used to us, he became a very sweet, gentle and friendly bunny. While we now have many others, including several pure German angoras, we remain partial to Gabe.


Elizabeth (Ellie)

German French angora rabbit silver black

curious Ellie

We purchased Ellie, another cross, in 2010.  She was black, but with shearing her coat is now more of a gray; very pretty. Ellie has mellowed, but she remains spirited at times. She has her own personality, as do all our bunnies.



Leah came to us in 2010, shortly after we got Ellie.  Leah is probably the sweetest, gentlest bunny we have. She is an Agouti and 92% German. What a wonderful personality. She also proved to be a wonderful mother with her first litter in spring 2011. We have kept three of her kits. Two look much like her and appear to have the same wonderful disposition. The third has the personality, but he is a “black.”

german french cross agouti angora rabbit

sweet Leah


We decided we needed another male so we purchased Nathaniel in February of 2011.  He is a pure German and the daddy of Leah’s kits.  He is also one of our most outgoing, energetic and lovable bunnies, always wanting attention (and giving it too.)



We got Ruth, another pure German, in April 2011 from Leslie Samson of Ontario.  She took her time getting used to her new environment but seems to be adjusting well now.  She has beautiful fiber and keeps herself well-groomed.



We obtained Samuel from the same breeder as Ruth in April 2011. They are about the same age but from different sires/dams. Samuel is like Nathaniel in many ways. He has the same energetic and friendly manner and loves to get out of his cage and run around. Since his cage is close to the floor, he likes to “escape” when we open his door to give him hay or to take him out for exercise. He is the sire of Abi’s first litter.



Abi, another pure German, came to us in April too, but from a different breeder. She had her first litter of kits in Oct 2011. Samuel is the sire. Like Ruth, Abi took some time to calm down but has turned out to have a sweet personality and did the mommy thing very well.



In addition to the bunnies listed above, we have three of Leah’s kits, born in late April 2011.

german/french agouti angora rabbit with kids

Dinah with friends

Dinah, who looks like her mother and has same sweet personality.

Zebulun who also looks like his mom and is also a friendly bunny.

Issachar who is a “black” and a bit quieter but still good-natured like his siblings.