Forbidden Love – A ‘Tail’ of Two Bunnies

We have all heard about things, “”multiplying like bunnies”  One of our friends recently had quite a shock.  When the family came home one evening, a check of the Rabbitry revealed ten (yes, 10) kits in a cage with a doe that had NOT been bred!  The kits, without a nest, didn’t have much of a chance, but due to some fast thinking on the part of our friends, three survived and are healthy, fat, and happy kits.  A little investigation and recall of a recent time when the cages were rearranged for cleaning determined how and when the breeding occurred. The bunnies literally were amorous through the adjoining cage wire.  So, a word of caution.  Keep your cages sufficiently separated so as to avoid any Forbidden Love episodes in your Rabbitry.  By the way, the doe is fine and doing a great job with her kits.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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