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Hi, One of our graduates “posing” with her owner’s spinning wheel.  Wonder what the bunny is thinking.  Is she wary of this “thing” that consumes fiber?  Perhaps she is enthusiastically ready to participate in a  rapid “bunny to yarn” transformation.  (Bet she can’t figure out how her owner came up with that Sea Green colored yarn last week.)





image (40)image (39)A quick update to our previous post on this subject.  Momma bunny and kits are doing very well.  Their owner’s pictures say it all.  Enjoy.


Martha’s new home has lots to explore.  She was caught examining a shopping bag.  The owner’s caption says it all.


Martha wanted to go shopping.... she's my kind of bunny! ;)

Martha wanted to go shopping…. she’s my kind of bunny! ;)


Liebschen, one of our recent graduates, apparently didn’t like what her new owner said or did, thus she stuck out her tongue.

Liebschen apparently isn’t happy about something.



Recently, another of our bunnies graduated to a home with a really nice family.  Martha moved north near the Canadian border. (You can’t go much further north in Maine than where we are, but she did it.)  Martha is a beautiful gray cross (German-French) angora with a gentle personality.  Fortunately for us, we still have her brother and sister, both of whom we plan to keep because of the beautiful fiber that, when blended with Merino wool, gives us some nice natural shades of gray yarn.


Blümchen recently went to school with her child human and his mother.  The kids were fine with her, and she did well with the kids.  The adult human showed the children the whole process of raising, harvesting and spinning fiber into yarn, and then knitting the yarn into a garment.  It all went well until Blümchen decided she had had enough of the extra attention and found a place of refuge.



Blumchen (little flower in German) went to her new home in January.  As you can see from the picture, she (and others) have adapted very well.   Blumchen is a fiber pet.  She lives in a home with other pets and children.  As she grows, she will provide spinning fiber to her owner.

We love keeping up with “our” bunnies.  She is 100% German Angora rabbit from Abi and Samuel’s October 25th litter.  Her siblings are doing weil as they await new homes.

Pet German Angora rabbit with Bulldog

Blumchen and Friend

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