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Hi, One of our graduates “posing” with her owner’s spinning wheel.  Wonder what the bunny is thinking.  Is she wary of this “thing” that consumes fiber?  Perhaps she is enthusiastically ready to participate in a  rapid “bunny to yarn” transformation.  (Bet she can’t figure out how her owner came up with that Sea Green colored yarn last week.)





Well, the 2013 Show and Fair Season is over.  The past two weekends we participated in local Craft and Gift Fairs here in Aroostook County, Maine.  We are now mapping out our schedule for  2014.

We already know we will be doing the 2nd Annual Winter Crafts/Artisan Market here in Houlton in February.  We will also do the Summer Farmers Market in Houlton’s Market Square several Saturdays between Memorial Day weekend and early October.  Along the way we will participate in two Craft & Gift Fairs in Monument Park in Houlton and Took-A- Leap Farm’s June and October Open Houses. If you will be in Maine in 2014, come see us.

Other shows and fairs around Maine and elsewhere are under consideration.  If you have a local Craft/Gift Fair that you think would benefit with our participation, please let us know as soon as possible.  We will consider traveling anywhere in northern New England.  Besides our angora yarn, we will have finished angora yarn items and if feasible, one or two of our bunnies.

Seasons Greetings, and a Happy New Year!

Martha’s new home has lots to explore.  She was caught examining a shopping bag.  The owner’s caption says it all.


Martha wanted to go shopping.... she's my kind of bunny! ;)

Martha wanted to go shopping…. she’s my kind of bunny! ;)


Dinah’s kits are growing up!  They have been taking turns getting out (and back in) the nest box.  Today, all four were not only out of the nest box at the same time but all four were together in Dinah’s food dish.  For some reason, all our baby bunnies have done this, and not just to eat.  So, we removed the nest box from the cage and the kits are on their own (sort of).  Actually, they will be bugging Dinah for a few days but also adding food pellets to the hay they are already nibbling on.  It won’t be long before we have to add a second food dish and water bottle.  Babies will be available to go to new homes in early October.

Silly Bunnies, Part 2.


Dinah’s kits have opened their eyes.  Both of the white bunnies have the pink eyes of the Germans.  One of them is getting very frisky, and this morning he/she was making an effort to get out of the next box.  It won’t be long now.  The two colored kits are very much like their dam and grand-dam in terms of their coloring.  They are essentially brown but with some black and gray mixed in.  They too are getting frisky like their white sibling.  So cute!


One of the kits hours before first shearing.

The past two days we sheared six adults and one kit!  Quite a marathon.

One kit is almost finished.

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Every three to four months each rabbit is sheared. Here are pictures of Dinah before and after shearing. Look how small she looks after.

german french angora rabbit before shearing agouti



sheared german french angora bunny



Home to Gabe, Leah, Ellie, Nathaniel, Abi, Ruth, Samuel . . .

We offer angora rabbit fiber companions and breeding stock. The rabbits here at Keiser Angoras enjoy daily personal attention and exercise, and are well-accustomed to visitors. Our angoras are bred for quality of fiber and easy care personality. We have both German angoras and German/French crosses.

german angora rabbit with chew toy

Gabe with a favorite toy

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