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Dinah’s kits are ready for new homes.  Dinah is a German-French cross.  We mated her with a full German and the result was two REW (ruby-eyed white) bucks and two colored bunnies (a buck and a doe) that look very much like Dinah.  One of the whites goes to join Martha (the “shopper”) in northern Maine within the week.  That leaves just three kits, at least one of which we will keep.


Well, maybe not a “world” traveler, but Susanna, one of Ruth’s kits made a major multistate trip in mid-September.  From our home in Maine, through NH, MA, and CT, Susanna was delivered to her new owner in Danbury, CT for further travel to her new home NY.  Five states in about 24 hours!  Susanna sure gets around!  She is doing quite well after a period of adjustment and her owner is pleased.  (Note:  We will NOT ship a bunny anywhere.  We will deliver or meet for a transfer, or put you in touch with a breeder in your area.)

Martha’s new home has lots to explore.  She was caught examining a shopping bag.  The owner’s caption says it all.


Martha wanted to go shopping.... she's my kind of bunny! ;)

Martha wanted to go shopping…. she’s my kind of bunny! ;)


Liebschen, one of our recent graduates, apparently didn’t like what her new owner said or did, thus she stuck out her tongue.

Liebschen apparently isn’t happy about something.



Recently, another of our bunnies graduated to a home with a really nice family.  Martha moved north near the Canadian border. (You can’t go much further north in Maine than where we are, but she did it.)  Martha is a beautiful gray cross (German-French) angora with a gentle personality.  Fortunately for us, we still have her brother and sister, both of whom we plan to keep because of the beautiful fiber that, when blended with Merino wool, gives us some nice natural shades of gray yarn.


This morning, we found one of Dinah’s kits outside the nest box!  Not sure how this could happen, since the side of the nest box is six inches high and the kit is only about 1 1/2 inches tall at this point. We do know that when startled, they leap about 3 or 4 inches into the air (and usually land on top of another kit or two.)  A two inch wide portion of the front side of the nest box is about 3 or 4 inches high to facilitate mommy bunny getting in and out of the box, so maybe the kit just happened to leap in just the right place. ???  At any rate, the kit was huddled against the outside of the nest box, and Dinah was standing guard between the kit and the front of the cage.  Good Mommy! All is well now that we have placed the kit back in the nest box (where it promptly went to sleep.)