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Dinah’s kits have opened their eyes.  Both of the white bunnies have the pink eyes of the Germans.  One of them is getting very frisky, and this morning he/she was making an effort to get out of the next box.  It won’t be long now.  The two colored kits are very much like their dam and grand-dam in terms of their coloring.  They are essentially brown but with some black and gray mixed in.  They too are getting frisky like their white sibling.  So cute!


This morning, we found one of Dinah’s kits outside the nest box!  Not sure how this could happen, since the side of the nest box is six inches high and the kit is only about 1 1/2 inches tall at this point. We do know that when startled, they leap about 3 or 4 inches into the air (and usually land on top of another kit or two.)  A two inch wide portion of the front side of the nest box is about 3 or 4 inches high to facilitate mommy bunny getting in and out of the box, so maybe the kit just happened to leap in just the right place. ???  At any rate, the kit was huddled against the outside of the nest box, and Dinah was standing guard between the kit and the front of the cage.  Good Mommy! All is well now that we have placed the kit back in the nest box (where it promptly went to sleep.)

We have opened our shop on ETSY!  Our shop name is KeiserAngoras.  Kudos to our daughter for getting us online with this website and getting us set up on ETSY.

We are still in the process of adding more of our hand-dyed yarns, but check us out on ETSY.  If you don’t see the color you are looking for, email us; we may already have it in stock.  If not, we may be able to produce it for you.  When emailing us, try to give us a clear idea of the color you want.  For example, a Granny Smith apple green gives us a much better idea of the green you want than just saying “light green.”  You can even use Crayola TM colors to help us understand what you are looking for.


The rabbitry is getting crowded!  In May Ruth give us five pure-bred German Angora kits.  One has already gone to her new home, and she is doing well there.  Her owner is very happy.  We have three remaining bunnies, two of which we plan to keep, leaving one doe available immediately.  Either Joana or Susanna is ready to go to a new home.

In July, Dinah finally had a litter of four.  Dinah is a German-French cross with browns, beige and some black coloring.  We bred her with on of our purebred Germans and the result; (drum-roll please) are two “blacks” and two whites.  Their eyes are not open yet so we don’t know if the eyes on the whites are pink or something else (like blue?).  One of these kits is already spoken for, and we plan to keep one or perhaps two, but at least one will be available in early October.

We also have more mature German bunnies (less than two years old) available.

We welcome visitors to our Rabbitry; just give us a jingle to be sure we will be home.


This year we are exhibiting our yarn (and bunnies, weather permitting) at local Houlton, Maine shows and markets.  In February we had our first showing at the Houlton Recreation 1st Annual Winter Craft Fair.  It went well, with HS kids helping with setup and  teardown.  In April we did the Chamber of Commerce sponsored annual Trade Show and had Abi on display.  She did fine, and a bunny sure brings in the kids AND adults!

Since June, we have been doing the Farmers Market in Historic Downtown Market Square on Saturdays.  One of those Saturdays was set aside as a Craft Fair in Monument Park.  Lots of vendors and lots of fun.  We had Ruth and two of her kits on display, and again it was a great draw.  Lots of folks commented on our yarn, especially the colors.  We answered lots of questions and got suggestions for other craft fairs and venues we could use to exhibit/sell our yarn.  There will be another Craft Fair in the Park on August 17th.  Come see us if you are in northern Maine!  Finally, the annual Riverfront Harvest Fair is coming up in September.  If you can’t make these two Fairs this year, put Houlton on your vacation calendar for 2014.

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Kits all in a row.

Abi and Samuel produced another great litter of kits in May, and they are now available to go to new homes, whether to breeders or those seeking a “fiber pet.”

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In June we participated in the Took A Leap Farm Open House in Houlton, Maine with a presentation on Angora Rabbits including care, feeding and harvesting the fiber.

In July we were at the Houlton (Maine) Agriculture Fair.  We supported a new club, the Rabbit Habbit 4-H Club.  One of our bunnies, an informational display and a variety of yarn helped to draw folks into the 4-H tent and provided an introduction to German Angoras for many visitors.

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One of the kits hours before first shearing.

The past two days we sheared six adults and one kit!  Quite a marathon.

One kit is almost finished.

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Blümchen recently went to school with her child human and his mother.  The kids were fine with her, and she did well with the kids.  The adult human showed the children the whole process of raising, harvesting and spinning fiber into yarn, and then knitting the yarn into a garment.  It all went well until Blümchen decided she had had enough of the extra attention and found a place of refuge.



Blumchen (little flower in German) went to her new home in January.  As you can see from the picture, she (and others) have adapted very well.   Blumchen is a fiber pet.  She lives in a home with other pets and children.  As she grows, she will provide spinning fiber to her owner.

We love keeping up with “our” bunnies.  She is 100% German Angora rabbit from Abi and Samuel’s October 25th litter.  Her siblings are doing weil as they await new homes.

Pet German Angora rabbit with Bulldog

Blumchen and Friend

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